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Digitization is ongoing in various industries and unlocking new potentials and benefits to them. This is the data-driven future which the engineering and energy industry is heading towards. This data-driven future holds distinct possibilities that would significantly advance the engineering and energy industry.
In this publication we examined the service-via-software phenomenon and the role it plays in digitization of services and also presented a model for the translation of services in the engineering and energy industry into its digital counterparts. KES is fully invested in this future as evidenced with our flagship digital service - remote asset integrity monitoring (R-AIM).

Remote Asset Integrity Monitoring (R-AIM) on KadMap®

Remote asset integrity monitoring (R-AIM) is a solution based on a hybrid framework and visualized and operated on KadMap® with the EE enterprise in focus.
This hybrid framework synergizes the strengths of both artificial intelligence and risk management in a defined framework to monitor, predict and manage asset integrity. You can access the publication HERE.
R-AIM is a digital counterpart of risk-based inspection (RBI). R-AIM complements RBI with real-time data reporting, remote surveillance, enterprise view and interactivity, round-the-clock access to information, industrial collaboration, managerial oversight and decision making among others. RBI becomes further improved with the digital companion service R-AIM on KadMap®.

R-AIM can be accessed and visualized in real-time in KadMap® Asset Player™.
KES develops and maintains KadMap® Asset Player™ - a KadMap® application, which processes and interprets asset data into DTTF -based integrity readings which managers and decision makers can use to:

  1.   Significantly enhance their asset integrity management strategy
  2.   Improve their profitability
  3.   Improve their safety
  4.   Increase the lifespan and value of their asset.

asset integrity

R-AIM relies on sensors data such as pressure, temperature, strain, displacement, inclination, torque, orientation, vibration, flow rate, load, etc. to carry out in-depth technical and computational analyses to determine component/plant integrity in real-time. This is done for various equipment across various industries.

component integrity
client industries

R-AIM has two main service components:

  • Data Processing and Visualization
  • Data Access and Networking

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