Real-time Asset Integrity Management System - R-AIMS
Real-time asset Integrity Management System (R-AIMS™) is KES' flagship digital service. It combines the strengths of artificial intelligence and risk management to monitor, predict, and manage asset integrity. You can access our publication on the role of artificial intelligence in R-AIMS™ here. Based on a hybrid framework and visualized and accessed on KadMap® GH technology platform  with the energy industry in focus, R-AIMS™ enhances risk-based inspection (RBI) with real-time data reporting, remote surveillance, enterprise view and interactivity, round-the-clock access to information, industrial collaboration, managerial oversight, and decision making. R-AIMS™ acts as a digital counterpart to RBI, improving it further.

R-AIMS™ has 3 main service components:
  • 1. Data Interpretation
  • 2. Integrity Prediction
  • 3. IMR (inspection, maintenance and repair) Scheduling

Data Interpretation
Integrity Prediction
Optimal Scheduling of IMR Activities